As a responsible company, we have taken all adequate steps towards protecting our employees, vendors, visitors, and customers visiting our premises. Sanitizer Dispensers have been kept at all strategic points and anyone visiting the premises is being subjected to thermal screening. Vehicles moving in and out of our premises are being sanitized. wearing of masks at all times has been made mandatory.

Welcome to Aeon Telectronics Pvt Ltd

Aeon specialises in manufacture of Thermoset / Thermo Plastic Moulded parts, Electrical panel assemblies, Electronic assemblies and Mechanical assemblies for a diverse range of industries.




Custom Made Moulded Components

Thermoset / Thermo Plastic Moulded parts.

FGRP Products for Electrical Utilities

Energy Meters, DTC metring Boxes, Street Lighting Boxes .

Non-Metallic Enclosures

Standard Type SMC Cabinets with Metal Base Plate, Flush Type Junction Cabinets with Metal Base Plate.


Telecom & Electronic Products

Called ID Phones, Line Jack Units, ADSL Splitters and more .

Electrical Panels Assembly

Busbar Assembly, Panel testing and more .

End-to-End Boxed Product Solutions

This section will be updated shortly...


Telecom Customer Premise Equipment

Caller ID Telephones, Line Jack, ADSL Spliiters, Network Equipment & Antennas, CPE Power Packs

Products to Fight COVID

Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispensers, PPE, Face Shields, IR Thermometers